March 25, 2009

Quilled Mother's Day Card

So, I should be off in Dreamland by now, but I'm still puttering around, trying to put together everything I'll need for my Interactive Cards class at Bizzy B's. I figured that I might as well take a few minutes to post a new picture, and I've decided that tonight it will be a card I've made for Mother's Day. It's still a little way off, but it never hurts to be prepared.

This is a fairly simple card . . . I cut a rectangle out of the centre of the card front, and zig-zagged quilled spirals across it. You could add more butterflies or more flowers, but I decided that less is more for me this time. You could also line the inside of the card with white paper to hide any stamping or writing inside. The sample is at BB's and it's part of my Quilled Cards for Mother's Day class (scheduled for April 28).

Keep an eye out for some fantastic Easter designs. I plan to post pics next week . . . Easter eggs like you've never seen before!!

1 comment:

Katie Paterson said...

Love the Card! Great Work

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