January 25, 2009

PaperScapes/Quilled Wedding Cake #2

Hi everyone! So, you're probably wondering about the name change, right? Well, quite simply, I wanted something a little more clever than Paper Arts by Cheryl. I used that name when I created my blog around 4:00 one sleepless morning, and have been trying to think of something better ever since. I thought of several other clever/creative names, but it seems that someone else got there first every time. So, PaperScapes it is!

On the weekend I made a fancier quilled wedding cake -- complete with miniature pink roses! I've got another great pic to post (a banana split, suggested by Lara), but it'll have to wait a day or two!

January 18, 2009

Quilled Sweets

Inspired by my quilled wedding cake and eager to quill more delicious treats, I whipped up a three-scoop ice cream sundae (with a cherry on top) and a slice of cherry pie (à la mode, of course)! They were so much fun to make and they're pretty cute, if I do say so myself! If there's time, we might make one of them in my quilled miniatures class at Bizzy B's on January 27th. The pics are cute, but they really don't do the miniatures justice--pop into the store to see the real live samples!

January 15, 2009

Quilled Heart Card

Here's a sneak peek at one of the projects in my upcoming Quilled Valentines class at Bizzy B's. It's a really simple window card with a quilled heart on the inside (visible through the window). The photo is a little dark (it's actually white!), but you get the idea. Drop into the store to see the real one and other samples as they become available. The class description is below!

Quilled Valentines (February 4, 7:00-9:00 p.m.)
Treat your valentine to a quilled keepsake: a greeting card, a keepsake box, and a simple bouquet! Join Cheryl and learn how to twirl strips of paper into heart, flower, and scroll embellishments for a card and a keepsake box, as well as a miniature bouquet! Please bring a basic quilling toolkit if you have one. Class: $25.00 Materials: $5.00 (taxes extra)

January 7, 2009

Quilled Wedding Cake

So I tried quilling something new tonight -- a wedding cake! I've been thinking about it for a while and decided it's what I want to teach in my upcoming quilled miniatures class. My close-up photography skills need some improvement, but I'm really happy with the cake. Looks pretty tasty to me!

Quilled Miniature Class (January 27, 7:00-9:00 p.m.)
If you’ve got your licence to quill, expand your skills and quill some miniatures! Designs may include a pot of daffodils, a teapot and cup/saucer, a piglet, or even a scrumptious-looking cake! Please bring a basic quilling toolkit if you have one. Class: $25.00 Materials: $5.00 (taxes extra)
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