January 18, 2009

Quilled Sweets

Inspired by my quilled wedding cake and eager to quill more delicious treats, I whipped up a three-scoop ice cream sundae (with a cherry on top) and a slice of cherry pie (à la mode, of course)! They were so much fun to make and they're pretty cute, if I do say so myself! If there's time, we might make one of them in my quilled miniatures class at Bizzy B's on January 27th. The pics are cute, but they really don't do the miniatures justice--pop into the store to see the real live samples!


Quilling with Whimsiquills said...

I especially like the cherry pie. Have you seen Diane Crane's book Miniature Quilling? Her miniature chocolates look good enough to eat right off the book cover!Good luck with your miniatures class, it's bound to be fun.
Pat Caputo

Colleen said...

Oh how cute! I would never have thought of doing anything like that. Nice work!

Sheila said...

Looks great
Could I order a blueberry pie,
apple pie and key lime pie ??
great work

Jen Parks said...

LOVE the cherry pie. :-)

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