January 25, 2009

PaperScapes/Quilled Wedding Cake #2

Hi everyone! So, you're probably wondering about the name change, right? Well, quite simply, I wanted something a little more clever than Paper Arts by Cheryl. I used that name when I created my blog around 4:00 one sleepless morning, and have been trying to think of something better ever since. I thought of several other clever/creative names, but it seems that someone else got there first every time. So, PaperScapes it is!

On the weekend I made a fancier quilled wedding cake -- complete with miniature pink roses! I've got another great pic to post (a banana split, suggested by Lara), but it'll have to wait a day or two!


Anonymous said...

You're so talented Cheryl, I love the snowflakes. Will you be selling them in boxes of 24 any time soon? I'd be your first customer.

Paper crafts, who knew?

Anonymous said...

Btw, Jason is my Fella, this is actually Tammy Reyno.

Cheryl said...

it's amazing how real your quilling looks...I can't wait until you get your banana split up. I love your creativity!!!
Cheryl Mac

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