January 9, 2012

Watercolour Pencils (Ladybug Image)

I love to colour! One of the easiest watercolour methods (in my opinion) is to use watercolour pencils and a Dove Blender. I spent some time playing around with my watercolour pencils this afternoon, colouring a few ladybugs. Here's the last one I did.

Although you can use watercolour pencils in many ways, for this image I chose to apply colour only where I wanted the darkest spots to be (as you can see in the leaves on the left). The finished ladybug is fairly light because of the way I applied the colour. I could have coloured the entire ladybug to get a darker finished image. My colours are limited, so I didn't do as much shading as I might otherwise have done. For not having used my watercolour pencils in quite some time, I'm satisfied with this image! (Oh! I didn't worry about staying inside the lines because I knew I was going to cut out the image for the card I was making. I'll have to post the finished card in the next day or two.)

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